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Boilers & Heating

Installations, repairs and servicing of a range of boilers. Specialist advice for boiler sizing, radiator sizing to provide the most cost efficient heating solution for your home. Repair services and installtions all at competitive rates.

  • Boiler Servicing
  • Boiler Breakdowns
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Landlord Certification
  • Central Heating Repairs & Maintenance
  • Underfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home warm. It’s lovely to walk on, it distributes heat evenly around each corner of the room, and it frees your walls from radiators, making more space for paintings, shelf units or even picture windows - or allowing you to create a minimalist look if you wish. We are doing more and more renovation and extension projects, there are a number of products that only raise the finished floor height by 15mm

  • Better air quality
  • Warm feet
  • In screed or overlay boards
  • Fitting and maintenance
  • Experienced installer

Hot Water Systems

We service unvented cylinders and provide professional advice on upgrading your existing gravity fed hot water systems. A brief explanation of unvented cylinders or mains pressure hot water systems: Generally speaking, mains hot water systems out-perform the more traditional gravity fed systems by providing higher water pressure and flow rate making noisy pumps unnecessary.

  • Unvented Cylinders Installed
  • Gravity Hot Water Cylinders Replaced
  • Whole House Pumps Installed or Shower Pumps

Power Flushing

  • Do you have central heating problems?
  • Is the system slow to warm up?
  • Do radiators require frequent bleeding?
  • Is the radiator water dirty or discoloured?
  • Are there 'kettling' noises coming from the boiler?

Any of these symptoms could indicate that your system has circulation and flow problems resulting from internal corrosion and the subsequent formation of rust, sludge, and scale deposits. We offer full system power flushing with the leading Kamco power flush machine.

To read more about the Kamco CLEARFLOW range click here.

Water Softeners

We fit the leading brand of non electric Water Softeners.

Water Softeners are designed to remove the minerals, calcium and magnesium that cause scale and scum. They are intended to treat the whole house supply, so they are installed close to the point where the water supply enters the premises.

What are the benefits of having a Water Softener?

  • Preventing scale in the hot water system and around taps
  • Removing existing scale
  • Reducing boiler fuel costs and heating system maintenance costs
  • Preventing soap scum, which is evident around the bath and sink
  • Improving the texture of laundry by preventing detergent scum deposits within the fibers of clothes
  • Reducing soap and detergent costs
  • Also, bathing in soft water is a more pleasurable experience and can improve hair and skin condition

To read more about the Harvey Water Softener click here.

Bathrooms & General Plumbing

When you have a bathroom professionally installed by Tap Tight Plumbing & Heating you needn't worry as we will project manage your bathroom from conception to completion. We also do more than just bathroom refurbishments, we will also undertake any other general plumbing issues that you may have.

  • Ball Valve and Overflow Problems
  • Shower Enclosures or Leaky Showers?
  • Heated Towel Rails
  • Radiators or Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Tap Repairs or Replacement
  • Washing Machines, Cookers and Sinks
  • No Job too Small

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